SeedNet has a range of varieties that will help to make your cropping decisions easier.

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Guttino Hybrid Fall Rye - Substantially higher yields than non-hybrid varieties, more stable falling numbers, and significantly

                                           better cold tolerance than Winter Wheat.

Daniello Hybrid Fall Rye - considerably less ergot than other hybrid fall ryes!

AAC Lacombe Peas- Now Available.   Yellow pea, very high yield - 116% of checks in 2015 Regional Variety trials!

Also available:

AAC Chiffon Soft White Wheat - Performs better than AC Andrew or Sadash under irrigation and dry conditions.

AAC Gateway Winter Wheat- Bred in Lethbridge, this winter wheat is very well adapted to Western Canada with an excellent disease package and high yield. 

Cardale Wheat- Awned spring wheat with good resistance to FHB and shattering.

Sunray Triticale - Spring triticale with soft awns. Has lower ergot infection rates than the checks and better falling numbers.

Muskwa Barley - 6-row barley, very high yield and good for silage too!

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Have you heard of a new variety that you would like more information on?  Wondering where you can purchase your seed  this spring?  SeedNet has a wide selection of crops and varieties available to suit your needs.  For a list of varieties and where they are available, follow the links below. If you have any questions about specific varieties, send us a message on the Contact page.

New to SeedNet!

CDC Inca Yellow Peas

CDC Proclaim Red Lentils

CDC Palmer Kabuli Chickpeas

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