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Fabelle Fababean

Fabelle Fababean

Fabelle Fababean is a medium-sized fababean with low tannins and high yields. Developed by DL Seeds in Manitoba, Fabelle Fababean is a low vicine/convicine fababean that fits well in the growing food and feed markets.

Main Strengths:

  • Low vicine / convicine so suitable for food and fababean food ingredients use

  • High yield & Good standability

  • Medium seed size (slightly larger than Snowbird)

  • Yielded 121%+ of check in 2017 Alberta yield trials

Saskatchewan Seed Guide - 2023

Fabelle Fababean

Where to Buy

Stamp Seeds

Enchant, AB


True Seeds

Redwater, AB

780-777- 5885

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