SeedNet is actively seeking dealers for their varieties AAC Lacombe Yellow Peas, AAC Chiffon Soft Wheat, Muskwa Barley and Sunray Triticale.  There are many benefits to becoming a dealer for SeedNet, including:
                      Access to a SeedNet exclusive varieties
                      Preferred dealer for future SeedNet varieties
                      Opportunity to benefit from SeedNet advertising on varieties
                      Promotion of Dealers on SeedNet website and Twitter
                      Potential opportunities to benefit from SeedNet negotiated vendor terms




SeedNet collectively controls 50,000 acres eligible for seed production with grain storage in excess of 2,000,000 bushels.  We provide 13 retail outlets in Southern Alberta and dealers throughout Western Canada and the United States that can effectively serve the agricultural needs of our Canadian and American customers.  If you are interested in working with SeedNet as a dealer or as a partner on another opportunity please contact us.