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CDC Proclaim Red Lentil

CDcC Proclaim Red Lentil

CDC Proclaim is a small red Clearfield lentil bred by CDC in Saskatoon. In 6 years of testing in the Coop and Regional trials in Saskatchewan, CDC Proclaim yielded 105% of CDC Maxim in the brown and dark brown soil zones.

Main Strengths:

  • Yield 105% – 108% of Maxim

  • Clearfield trait

  • Rated 34 cm tall

  • Moderate resistance for Ascochyta Blight & Anthrancnose

Saskatchewan Seed Guide - 2023

CDC Proclaim Red Lentil

Where to Buy

Willms Seeds

Grassy Lake, AB


Witdouck Farms

Iron Springs, AB


Sleepy Hollow Seeds

Milk River, AB


Fenton Seeds

Tisdale, SK


Benci Seeds

Carmangay, AB 


Penwest Seeds

Three Hills, SK

(403) 443-2577

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