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CDC Inca Yellow Pea

CDC Inca Yellow Pea

CDC Inca is a semi-leafless field pea variety. It stands up well on irrigation and dryland and
yields similar to yellow check varieties. CDC Inca is a solid yellow pea with a great disease
package that performs well in the Canadian prairies.

Main Strengths:

  • Improved yield compared to the yellow check varieties

  • Good lodging resistance; better than the checks CDC Golden and Agassiz

  • Excellent performance on irrigation and dryland

  • Fair Mycosphaerella Blight and FHB resistance

Saskatchewan Seed Guide - 2023

Lodging score (1-9) where 1 = completely upright, 9 = completely lodged.

CDC Inca Yellow Pea

Where to Buy

Airth Seeds

Brooks, AB 


Specialty Seeds

Bow Island, AB


Assure Seeds

Brooks, AB 


Wheatcrest Seeds

Lomond, AB


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