CDC Dorado Yellow Flax


Bred at the Crop Development Centre at the University of Saskatchewan, CDC Dorado is a high-yielding yellow flax with better oil content, linolenic acid content, and a good disease package among other positive characteristics. CDC Dorado is suited to all flax-growing areas of western Canada. In regional trials, yields were significantly higher than the checks in the longer growing seasons of the black and dark grey soil zones and equal to check yields elsewhere.

Main Strengths:

  • Significantly higher oil and meal protein

  • Higher iodine value & higher linolenic acid content

  • Shatter-resistant

  • Moderately resistant to wilt & powdery mildew

Yellow Linseed Cooperative Trial
-2013 & 2015

Yield - mean of yield expressed as actual yield for all stations
Lodging - rating on a 1-9 scale (1 = no lodging; 9 = completely lodged)

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