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AB Dram Barley

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AB Dram Good is a malting quality barley with moderate enzymes and good modification Non-glycosidic nitrile (non-GN) suitable for all malt distillation Combines earliness with CDC Copeland level yield.

Main Strengths:

  • Grain yield similar to the malt check CDC Copeland

  • Maturity 1.3 days less than CDC Copeland

  • Resistant to the surface-borne smuts

  • Good malting traits with fine extract greater than or equal to checks, percent plump greater than AC Metcalfe and CDC Copeland and equal to AAC Synergy

Agronomic traits of AB Dram averaged over the 2014 and 2015 Western Cooperative Two-Row Barley Registration Trials.

AB BrewNet Barley

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