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Midge Tolerant Wheat Stewardship Agreement Modernized

DECEMBER 5, 2017 - The Midge Tolerant Wheat Stewardship Team has launched an online system to improve the Stewardship Agreement process for growers and retailers that will help to ensure continued protection of the midge tolerance gene.
     The Midge Tolerant Wheat Stewardship Assurance Site (MTWSAS) is a secure, web-based tool for use by seed distributors, seed retailers and seed growers that makes the process of documenting the movement of Certified Midge Tolerant Wheat seed more efficient. It allows users to create electronically signed Stewardship Agreements and to post sales transactions.  To Read More:

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Changes Announced to the Distribution of CDC Pulse Varieties Outside of Saskatchewan

As of November 2, 2017 the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (SPG) has licensed the distribution rights for select Crop Development Centre (CDC) pulse varieties in provinces outside of Saskatchewan to SeCan and SeedNet for a 10-year period.  By licensing the distribution of these varieties for sale in provinces outside of Saskatchewan, SPG is ensuring that growers in other provinces are paying for access to varieties developed by the CDC. Licensing the distribution rights will not impact Saskatchewan growers’ ability to access these varieties royalty-free.

SeedNet is comprised of 13 seed growers here in Southern Alberta.  They are familiar with the latest varieties and how they perform in YOUR area because they are in your area!  They are your local source for up-to-date information on certified seed.

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SeedNet is now the sole distributor of CDC Inca Yellow Peas, CDC Proclaim Red Lentils and CDC Palmer Chickpeas outside of Saskatchewan, within Canada

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