SeedNet is comprised of 13 seed growers here in Southern Alberta.  They are familiar with the latest varieties and how they perform in YOUR area because they are in your area!  They are your local source for up-to-date information on certified seed.

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Harvest 2016

Best wishes for a safe and

abundant harvest!

Chiffon Soft Wheat

SeedNet is currently looking for dealers for their soft white spring wheat variety, Chiffon. You can read more about it on our Products page, or contact SeedNet for information. Call soon because seed is going fast!

Lacombe Peas

With the 2015 Alberta Regional Variety Trial results out, we can see that SeedNet's Lacombe peas are ahead of the pack with 116% yield compared to the check variety! Certified seed will be available for sale in the fall of 2016, so check it out on our Products page!